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Saturday, July 26, 2008

205 miles, Seattle to Portland, July 12-13, 2008

I keep telling people it was the most fun I'd had in months. 9500 riders on a 2 day tour to Portland supported by the Cascade Bicycle Club. I'd never done any long rides like this before, but I've always wanted to. There is no better way to see a place than on a bike. And there are no friendlier people than a bicyclists on a tour.

Matt, Greg, Fil and I did the ride over 2 days, stopping to camp in Centralia. Fil had done it last year and I when I was driving him back up and was impressed by how much fun everyone seemed to have. This year, I remember thinking about 2 hours into the ride how incredible it was and that there was no question I'd be back next year.

It's too bad the photos turned out like crap. My camera died just before the ride and no one else brought one so I just got a couple disposables. $40 for about 40 crappy pictures. Awesome.

Parents, please talk to your kids about Chamois Butter before it's too late.

Crossing the Columbia River...

(Did I mention it was 90 degrees?)


Dr B said...
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Dr B said...

I personally can attest to the magic of Chamois Butter. I think that it should be called Magic Butter.

MattWilsonMD said...

I guess those would have been considered crappy pictures had I not been in all but two of them. So only 2 crappy pix... not bad.