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Sunday, April 4, 2010

First show!

So we survived. We were pretty stiff but it was a fun experience, no major screw ups, and we had a great turnout, somewhere between 100-200 I would guess. Muchas gracias to Brad Kosel for putting this all together. We are so lucky to have friends that do these kinds of things.

We also learned that people from Walla Walla are really nice. The Table of Contents are fantastic and have a great CD. Go get it on iTunes right now.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and humored us at our first gig. We're totally psyched for the next one.


Timothy said...

i was there too

Dr B said...

I thought that it said First SNOW! I was looking for some big turns! Well...I say good show boys!

Niraj said...

Fantastic show - I wish I was there!