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Monday, November 17, 2008


Yep, that's right. In this optimistic time of change, the Mrs. and I decided to go and make ourselves a kid. The little Sour Kitten is due in April. Things are going pretty well, Shireesha seems mostly over the morning sickness but is starting to feel the weight of the baby.

It's been a weird experience. Neither of us are what you would call baby-crazy and we hadn't even discussed it much prior to this year. There is so much uncertainty in the world, and with two careers in medicine specifically, that it seems fool hardy to throw a huge variable into the equation. But I do have more hope lately than I have had in years and with that hope comes a sense of freedom and possibility. Shireesha's career is finally in a somewhat state of stability and with my options wide open, this seems like a good time to bring a child into our lives. I mean, we aren't committed to the idea of being childless forever, so if not now, then when?

I think it's fitting that we don't have any expectations. I want to greet the new little one with an open heart, confident only of the idea that Shireesha will be a fantastic mother and that this experience will bring out the best in both of us.

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It has your echogenicity!