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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sashi Carl 11.11.11

It's true, he looks exactly like his older brother.

I was a little worried I'd be jaded by the time the Two-dle was delivered, but thankfully I'm just as over the moon as I was when the Doodle was born 2 years ago. After Ravi's intrauterine growth restriction and crash c-section for a 5 minute decel down to 70, we chickened out and decided to skip the drama, scheduling our repeat c-section well in advance. I have to say leaving the chaos of several consecutive 60 hour work weeks at the CHC and a 2 year old who literally bounces off the walls at home, I appreciated the calm control of an electively scheduled c-section, it was the least stressful 45 minutes I'd had in months. Overmedicalization of child birth be damned, this was civilized.

I think our prep work with Ravi paid off big time. Within 2 minutes of meeting the baby, Ravi says, "I want to hold my baby brother!" Within 5 minutes, he was stroking his hair, kissing his face, then honked his nose.

"Ravi, do you think we should take your baby brother home with us?"

"Yeah! He can live in the Green Room!"

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