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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dengue Fever

Tony, Xian, CJ, and I caught Dengue Fever last night at Neumo's in Seattle. These people are the hippest, funnest band I have seen in a very long time. Ch’hom Nimol's stage presence was incredible and such a voice! The band members were having such a great time and were so gracious, politely shaking hands and talking with fans after the show. There were several Cambodians in the audience and Nimol twice invited them on stage to sing with her in Khmer. A large portion of the audience was actually dancing, not just head bobbing, but dancing with arms waving in the air, totally unheard of in our cold, rainy, reserved city. Just amazing.

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Bhagavat said...

DF very good "C.R." band, they come 2 Moscow few years ago - thats waz terriffffffiiiikkkkllllee!!!
no words, only emotion))))