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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Michelle Obama: Be not afraid

Now this is leadership.

I was getting all bothered and ready to post about the Palin Mob video when someone in a heated discussion thread linked to this speech by Michelle Obama about the role of fear plays in American politics. I was going to write about how reckless, unpatriotic, and plain stupid it is to insinuate that a major party candidate for president fraternizes with terrorists, how such speech is just asking for a crazy redneck with a gun to take drastic action, how inciting such fear is almost the very definition of terrorism. I was going to write about how maybe someone with no experience, who's spent time as a radical secessionist is a wee bit riskier than Obama for electing to high office. I was going to write about how terribly indecent it is for McCain to not loudly denounce this kind of speech.

Then I was reminded what real leadership means.

10/9/08: Obama 364, McCain 174 with Pennsylvania, Virgina, Colorado, Ohio, and Florida nearly in the bag.

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